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Daniel und Patrick in einer gemeinsamen Strategischen Besprechung vor dem Laptop im Meetingraum der Agentur

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Design und Development in einer strategischen Besprechung in der Agentur

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Data-driven brand strategy

Webdevelopment am Bildschirm mit Programmiersprache

Webdesign & development

Mit einem Stift wird ein neues Strategisches Konzept auf das Flipchart übertragen

Processes & marketing automation

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What do we offer your blockchain brand?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community building and Discord moderation

By creating a concept for the three phases of growth for a DAO, it is our objective to attract community participants, keep community members engaged and consolidate community ownership.

💻 Optimization of website conversions

By controlling the user flow and adding visual anchors we will guide users through the website and increase conversions.

🔎 Search engine optimization

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. (see Ahrefs) Increase your findability on Search Engines like DuckDuckGo or Google with SEO.

🦁 Brave ads

Through sponsored images, push notifications and more, you can easily reach your desired target group and increase the number of leads.

🌍 Guerilla marketing in the metaverse (coming soon)

By setting up guerilla marketing campaigns within the metaverse, targeted awareness for your project can be increased.

⭐ Mint your logo as NFT (coming soon)

We help you to mint your logo so that you can declare the digital ownership of your logo on the Ethereum blockchain.

Let's accelerate your blockchain project's growth 📈

For the implementation of the communication measures, we work together with experienced partners in the blockchain sector. Due to this, we can offer a wide range of services without losing focus about what we’re really good at: Understanding your project, your needs and your target group to develop a holistic data-driven strategy.

1st phase 🎬

Analyzing status quo

2nd phase 🎯

Defining goals

3rd phase 💁‍♀️

Analyzing target groups

4th phase 📋

Defining measures

5th phase 💪

Implementing measures

6th phase ✔️

Controlling and optimisation

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Do you want to know more about what we offer and what is included in the respective phases?

Design und Development in einer strategischen Besprechung in der Agentur

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2. Hold briefing

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Before the project starts, we meet for a briefing to get to know you, your project and your current challenges. This is completely non-binding.

3. Read through quote

Duration: 30 minutes

Afterwards you will receive a quote from us. Our motto: As simple as possible, as detailed as necessary. While (almost) nobody likes to read contracts - defining important points of our cooperation makes sure that our expectations match.

4. Start project

Duration: 10 minutes

The quote meets your expectations? Then return the signed quote by email, post or carrier pigeon. As soon as we have received the signed quote, our project starts 🎉


On the one hand, our team members have an innate and deep interest in blockchain technologies.

On the other hand behind us, within the scope of our strategic partnership with dyves group, stands a dedicated investment and trading team for the blockchain sector. With this team, our strategic partner invests in cryptocurrencies (day trading) and blockchain projects. For this reason, they always have their finger on the pulse and are well informed about new projects.

We are constantly in close coordination with them when it comes to new developments and opportunities in the community.

As we are very interested in blockchain technology and its potential we are not only working on blockchain projects ourselves but are also invested in projects. Therfore, we have a very strong intrinsic interest in staying up to date with the market.

We implement the following steps of the project (see above for more details) completely in-house:

  • Analyzing status-quo

  • Defining goals

  • Analyzing target groups

This means that we are responsible in-house for the entire marketing strategy of your blockchain project.

For the implementation of the measures (community management, placing ads, ...) we call in external partners with whom we have already implemented several successful projects.

This cannot be said in general terms, but we will be happy to give you a few approximate values in the briefing meeting.

The scope of the planned measures depends heavily on your project, the defined goals, the target group, the competition and also on your available marketing budget. It is important to find a reasonable middle ground.

We will be happy to give you honest advice.